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Baidu Maps Crowdsourcing

Baidu Taojin

Data collection crowdsourcing

My Role

Design lead


​Framework & Visual Redesign

Baidu Maps is a popular map service with over 700 million Chinese users. In 2016, given the increasing trend of traveling abroad among Chinese, Baidu Maps started to provide service for users who travel internationally. But the initial Baidu International Map was only about providing available foreign POI data which was bought from some public POI providers. Then UX teams joined the mission and aimed for leveraging the limited data source to provide a better experience for those who go abroad.


I started to be responsible for leading a small design team(3 visual designers and I as an interaction designer) to proactively propose a series of designs on Map service for traveling abroad. 


Leverage limited data for better services

Considering Map is a reflection of the real world, the more intact and accurate the data it provides, the better experience user will have. But at that time, we don't have independent data collection team overseas as we have in China. The map data for abroad were all either bought from third-party companies or from open sources. So from UX perspective, I need to utilize existing data smartly and leverage them for better services.


Within this scope, we also have a specific product objective  to achieve which is to increase the number of users both knowing and using Baidu International Maps.


Design thinking for product plan


Quantitative survey/Desktop research

As my many other projects, the best way to make vague project clearly is to understand thoroughly about a few W-question:

Who am I designing for?

What is their current experience in the product?

Why do they feel like that way?

Regarding to better understand our target users, I worked with a UXR to do a quantitative survey on Baidu Maps, where users could respond it from both an activitity area and keyword search area. Finally we got 19247 effective responses by excluding those who didn't travel abroad or who didn't answer questions fully.

Besides it, I also did research online about the market of traveling overseas, to gain knowledge of users requirements, behaviors and related products. After all these steps, we got a better idea of the story of those travel overseas.

Target Users/Behaviors

Define design objectives and principles


Travel Map/My Journey/Explore Nearby/Base Map

Travel Maps


My Journey


Explore Nearby

王怡简历 2.001.png


Leverage limited data for better services


Design for real

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